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Africa-1 Submarine Cable Landing Stations

Africa-1 Submarine Cable and Landing Stations:

Somalia’s strategic & geographic location with the longest sea-border in the region and access to the red sea and the Indian Ocean is what makes attractive for intercontinental submarine connectivity to the rest of the world.

  • Submarine Cable: Somali National Carrier will be a member of Africa-1 consortium which will have at least 3-fiber pair core that extends more than 12,000 km along Africa’s East Coast towards Saudi Arabia, Egypt andPakistan, with up to an additional 5,000 km for branches. Africa-1 will leverage the latest state-of-the-art 100G technology and will be initially equipped to accommodate several terabits of capacity from day one. It will be technically and commercially be designed to be attractive, delivering easy accessibility and a unique low-latency direct express route.
  • Landing Stations:Any Operator or Backhaul Provider can co-locate its equipment at the relevant Landing Station (not necessarily in the same premises but within the close proximity), to access AFRICA-1 capacity to provide Operators in best reasonable efforts and in a timely manner, without discrimination and for the duration of this Agreement under fair and reasonable commercial terms and conditions to be negotiated and agreed between the SNC and the concerned Operator or Backhaul Provider . A co-location facility with hosting services from multiple carriers will be established at Berbera, Mogadishu and Kismayo Ports to ensure that our customers have reliable and secure connectivity to their destination of choice. Our clients will use this landing stationsto interconnect or cross-connect to a single or multiple carriers.